I was going to say this post is about how I discover music and how you can too, but I think the title says that. So I will sort of continue the story from last post at the part after I found Chopin.

After I discovered the composer Chopin, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube of classical piano music. When I was a newbie to classical music, I would go through this routine of watching a video on YouTube, then I would get bored and come back to give it another try, and have the same reaction, then I would get the song stuck in my head and wonder “Wow what great music is this where have I heard it before?” then I would remember and proceed to buy it. (You might want to try this method it worked very well for me).

The first thing I noticed about the Chopin Ballade is that it is actually 10 minutes long. They shortened it for the movie. Why is it so long? This was written in the 19th century (or the 1800s). If you consider the literate and music of the time, you will find that stuff is a lot longer than today’s books and music generally. Many novels like War and Peace, Les Miserables, and stuff by Charles Dickens were written at the time, which are around 1000 pages long. Authors even wrote one page long sentences. But remember: long does not equal boring. I stumbled across this quote from author John Green that really hits the nail on the head on this point:

 “I hate the idea that when it comes to books and learning, hard is often seen as the opposite of fun. It’s strange to me that we should be so quick to give up on a book or a math problem when we are so willing to grapple, for centuries if necessary, with a single level of Angry Birds.”

Besides Angry Birds, note another example of long not being boring- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. You have 3 movies that are three hours long (4 hrs for the extended editions) and yet you don’t fall asleep watching them (if that is your cup of tea). I would almost go so far as saying that longer stuff is better, but there are some pretty epic shorter works. If you can handle a three or four hour movie, you can certainly handle a 10 minute solo piano piece.

Since you might be new to this concept of long music and books being enjoyable, I have shortened this post so you can fully grasp the important introduction to Chopin in the next post. This will appear on a day I don’t usually post (Monday), so next week there will be 2 posts and a special post Friday (told you there would be surprises). Hold on tight.

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