So if you remember a few posts ago I talked about how I discovered Chopin. If you don’t remember, I discovered him watching a movie called The Pianist. This is the particular scene where I was like “DUDE how does he even play that fast?”

(Also, check out another fast and difficult piece played on the movie, also by Chopin, here)

If you remember also, he plays an abridged version on the movie. So we will explore the full version here, and you can follow along below as you watch.

00:00- Introductory coughing and credits

00:35- Clapping. Oh look someone’s coming to play…

01:03- (finally the beginning) Although you probably can’t tell (unless you have perfect pitch), it starts on a chord not in G minor (sneaky dude). When it gets to the top, Chopin kinda plays around with a melody then stops on a chord before introducing the main theme.

01:36- Main Theme Part 1- The main theme a repeats few times, each time the notes change a little.

02:25- Looks like he’s done with the melody and moving on. The repeated chords in the left hand/bass add some tension and it builds up and suddenly explodes into a bunch of notes (02:50)

03:04- *tension builds* Chopin plays around with the same rhythm in different notes as it gets faster then suddenly it all goes into fancy arpeggios and stuff all over before settling down and preparing/introducing the next theme

04:05- That last part was difficult so we need a break now to play slower, pretty stuff. This is one of those pretty parts where you kind of relax after dealing with all that tension

05:15- Main Theme Part 2- Here we go back to the main theme, only more briefly this time. Then we have tension again before soaring into a new part

05:45- Chord part- Here we are at the top enjoying ourselves with all these fancy chords, but then we must go back to tension again (such is life) (Congratulations! You made it halfway through!)

06:07- Here Chopin works out the tension to get to the next theme with fast octaves going up (btw octaves like this are kinda hard and this dude’s got talent if you couldn’t already tell). They get faster to build to the next theme.

06:31- High fast part (nice technical musical term for you there ;))- It got faster to kind of connect the music to this theme, which moves fast. Then we go down…

07:05- This is very similar to the theme in (04:05) only this time it feels faster because the left hand rhythm is doubled.

07:31- Here comes that other part too, but it’s different, and introduces the main theme one more time.

08:05- Main Theme Part 3-This ends with tension again to transition my FAVORITE part where it just has had it with the tension and just explodes in the coda. Chopin is DONE with this tension and ready to just let it go

08:45-Coda (aka part where the pianist shows of their skills)- This is the part in which the pianist flies all over the keyboard and plays as fast as he/she can. Then we go up the keyboard really fast and come back down and up (09:12). You think it’s gonna end but we have to go travel up and down the keyboard (hold on he’s got more skills to show us). Then suddenly EPIC octaves that come crashing down all the way to the end.

9:47- Massive applause (yes this piece is awesome and so is the pianist), Horowitz bows

Congratulations! Now that you have listened to a 10 minute piano piece, you have officially earned some music nerd points! Stay tuned in the coming days to earn some more…

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