Happy New Year! If you have already failed your new year’s resolutions, or need an idea, may I suggest an easy one that requires little effort?

Learn more about classical music

It’s easy. All you have to do is check this blog once a week and read the latest post. You can even sit on the couch and read it on your laptop while you watch Netflix. So if you fail at your other New Year’s Resolutions, this easy one still remains (so much easier than going on a diet).

We’re gonna look at some new things this year, with the following new series of posts:

Myths about classical music– these posts will bust the common myths held about classical music, like for example the myth that classical music is boring, and we will look at exciting examples of classical music.

Classical music in pop culture– Classical music is everywhere in TV shows, movies, pop music. You’ll be surprised how many TV shows and movies borrow music from dead composers. Then you can go back and watch them after reading these posts and be like “I KNOW THIS!!” Even the Disney Theme song is borrowed from a famous composer (we may get to this in a later post). 🙂

Recommendations– I’ll be working on a compilation of my favorite works that I highly recommend, arranged in various categories such as: music for sipping tea, music for epic moments, music for jammin’, etc. These will most likely end up as playlists on my YouTube channel.

Along with that new stuff we’ll also look at various composers, works, and from time to time look at performer bios (mostly pianists because I’m not really biased toward the piano at all *sarcasm*).

And you’ll also see more of these:

It is always a rewarding experience to discover new music that you like. Make 2015 the year that you discover the music that stands the test of time.


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