As promised, you may now access a playlist of recommended music. Since my actual list of recommended music consists of over 200 pieces, my playlists will serve the purpose of narrowing it down to a few pieces to listen to a month. This first playlist is called: Music for Victorious/Epic Moments.

This is the playlist for moments such as:

-Passing a big test
-Graduating from high school/college
-Getting accepted into a college you really want to go to
-Getting a job
-Getting a promotion/raise at work
-Paying off student loans/cars/anything you owe money on
-Your team is going to the Super Bowl after an epic comeback in the last five minutes of the 4th quarter and an epic touchdown in overtime (try to guess who my team is lol)

Since life is not a movie, unfortunately we do not get epic background music when we make a great achievement. This is a list chosen from music that I personally have listened to after some of these events have happened (yes I am a music nerd). You can’t just simply pay off student loans or your car and sit there in silence, you need celebratory music (I enjoy the finale of Beethoven’s 5th for this one).

Here’s a little introduction to the pieces in the playlist (listen here):

Also Sprach Zarasthura- Richard Strauss
An extremely victorious yet brief work, you can hear the achievement has finally been reached in the end of the work. To me, it symbolizes the journey to your epic/victorious moment. It takes a few tries, but in the end you nail it.

Nimrod, from Enigma Variations – Elgar
This variation builds up to a climax in the final few minutes, 3:50-4:20 is when I imagine a team winning the championship and they all run out onto the field and tears of joy are shed as they remember what it took to get there and bask in the glory of the moment.

Symphony No. 5, 4th Movement- Beethoven
This is the finale of the dun-dun-dun-DUN symphony. It is thought that that the first movement is fate knocking at the door, and this last movement symbolizes victory or triumph from fate. This is great for moments when you pay off a car or student loan or any other debt, because you are free and you never have to pay them again.

Symphony No. 41, 4th Movement- Mozart 
This is the music people jammed to back in the day. It is Mozart’s final symphony, in which he wrote lots of melodies going on at the same time, yet it all fits together. It is hard to follow all the instruments at one time.

Piano Concerto No. 5, 3rd Movement- Beethoven
This is the finale of Beethoven’s last piano concerto. (piano + orchestra = piano concerto) It is just upbeat and happy and victorious basically the whole time.

Symphony No. 7, 4th Movement- Beethoven
This mood of this piece for me is that excitement before the epic moment, looking forward to it. Take caution if you listen to this while driving. Musician and actor Oscar Levant, when pulled over for speeding, said “You can’t possibly to listen to the last movement of Beethoven’s Seventh and drive slow.” Watch that lead foot.

Hallelujah, chorus from Messiah- Handel
This is for the moment when you pass a big test.

As you listen to this playlist, imagine a story or movie that might go along with it, yours may be different from mine. Pretend you’re watching a movie and this is the soundtrack. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the music.

Now go and enjoy your next epic/victorious moment with music from this playlist.


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