We continue where the last post left off, when the girls arrive at the beach.

(31:10) “Stop, ladies, pray” – Frederic, being a gentleman, must inform the ladies that he is present, otherwise it would be indecent to see them take off their shoes and stockings.

(32:45) “Oh, is there not one maiden breast?” Frederic tries to win over one of the ladies, but alas fails when he sings:

Oh, is there not one maiden here
Whose homely face and bad complexion
Have caused all hope to disappear
Of ever winning man’s affection?

Then suddenly, Mabel enters and scolds her sisters for shunning Frederic, and accepts him. They question her motives:

The question is, had he not been
A thing of beauty
Would she be swayed by quite as keen
A sense of duty?

(37:14) “Poor wand’ring one” Hearing his sad tale, and finding him attractive (mainly finding him attractive), she sings “Take any heart – Take mine!” She shows off her soprano skills in the process.

(40:30) “What ought we to do?” Mabel’s sisters try to decide what to do when she joins Frederic. They decide to talk about the weather.

(41:20) “How beautifully blue the sky”- An exciting subject indeed:

How beautifully blue the sky,
The glass is rising very high,
Continue fine I hope it may,
And yet it rained but yesterday.
Tomorrow it may pour again
(I hear the country wants some rain),
Yet people say, I know not why,
That we shall have a warm July.

(42:25) “Stay, we must not lose our senses”- Frederic warns the ladies that the pirates will soon be there, but it is too late. They do not get out in time.

(43:03) “Here’s a first-rate opportunity to get married with impunity”- The pirates see an opportunity to marry all the ladies (conveniently there’s one for each of them).

(43:54) “Hold, monsters”- Mabel be like “Better not mess with us or our father will take care of you.”

(44:47)”I am the very model of a modern Major-General”- There are so many funny parts in this song, there’s no time for them. So I’ll mention the highlights.

He begins by relating to them all his math skills-

“About binomial theorom I’m teeming with a lot o’ news
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse”
(Just what they wanted to hear about)
“I’m very good at integral and differential calculus..”

“Then I can hum a fugue of which I’ve hard the music’s din afore”- A fugue is a complex musical composition with various melodies going on at once. He’s saying he can hum all the parts by himself. At once.

“And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore”- Referring to Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore

“And tell you every detail of Cractacus’s uniform- his “uniform” was a loin cloth, not very hard to describe in other words.

“Has only brought me down to the beginning of the century”- He’s behind the times, it’s close to the end of the 1800s.

“Sat a gee”- sat on a horse

(51:01)”Oh, men of dark and dismal fate”- Finding out they are the Pirates of Penzance, the Major-General pulls the orphan card so the pirates will leave them alone, since they don’t attack orphans.

(53:40)”I’m telling a terrible story”- The major-general reveals (to the audience only), that he made up a story to free his daughters from the pirates.

(55:03)”Hail, Poetry”- They take a moment to admire poetry…

(56:58)”Oh, happy day, with joyous glee”- Frederic and Mabel look forward to their wedding, her sisters will all be bridesmaids (quite a big wedding party)

(58:20)”Pray observe the magnanimity”- Ruth tries again to win Frederic, and he refuses her.

It all seems happy now. Frederic and Mabel are engaged (in about 15 minute’s time), and the Major General has freed his daughters from the pirates. But some unexpected news will change this happy scene in Act II.


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