(WARNING: read the last post before you read this, it contains spoilers)

Have you ever wondered: “What kinds of things do music nerds do in their free time?

Several answers would be:

-Practice their instrument
-Compose music
-Write lyrics for music
-Listen to music
-Analyze music
-Read about music
-Blog about music
-Some activity involving music

So when music nerds like me have free time, and April Fool’s day occurs, they do one of these activities (i.e. Writing lyrics for music), and blog them as real lyrics of a Bach cantata, with a Rick Roll at the end.

How much of that last post was true? In case you were wondering, the epic Coffee Cantata does exist. After the Coffee Cantata part, everything is made up. The BWV numbers stop at 1127, there is no 1128. The untranslated “Mein Bauch spricht dieses Morgen”, means “My stomach is speaking this morning”. “Those are the excellent boiled potatoes” is a reference to the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie, in which the character Mr. Collins says “What excellent boiled potatoes” in the midst of an awkward silence at dinner.

Perhaps another day, when I have more free time, I will write out the complete lyrics to the “Breakfast Cantata”, but until then, I will be blogging about real music by real composers.


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