In case you didn’t get the joke in the title, it’s Star Wars day. While I am not a huge Star Wars nerd, I enjoy the movies, but I really enjoy the music. The composer, John Williams, was influenced a ton by classical music. This post may blow your mind if you are at all in the slightest familiar with the Star Wars music.

One day I was watching Dvořák’s New World Symphony on YouTube, and I noticed people commenting about the similarities between parts of the symphony and Star Wars. I was like “NO WAY”, as I listened (the Jaws theme, also by John Williams, appears in the 4th movement btw). The theme that sounds similar to Star Wars music is in the 3rd movement, is very similar to the Duel of the Fates in Episode 1, but a little slower. Compare this with this.

But that’s not all. Hold on tight because you’re about to hear something which sounds almost entirely like it was straight out of a Star Wars soundtrack. Seriously, if you didn’t know it and you had to guess what it was you would say it was from Star Wars. The funny thing is, this piece comes from an orchestral suite called (get this) The Planets (no joke). It written in the 1910s, about 60 years before the original Star Wars movies. Each movement is named after a planet, and the one that sounds the most like Star Wars is called: Mars, the bringer of War. Seriously, the whole thing could have been put in a Star Wars movie and you would have never known otherwise.

-4:24 sounds like this
-6:57 sounds like this

Another movement from The Planets suite contains a similar theme to Star Wars. Compare this with the intro of the Venus movement

This last one will leave you thinking “I don’t even know what to do with this information”, and having an existential crisis, because it has to do with the very theme of Star Wars. You will not believe it:

Stay tuned for another sci-fi theme influenced by classical music.


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