In the last post I compared various excerpts from classical composers to excerpts from the Star Wars soundtrack, and it probably blew your mind. If you are ready to have you mind blown again, keep reading. If not, take a few days to recover and come back when you’re ready.

There is another Sci-Fi theme that may have been influenced by classical music, and it’s not just in one piece, but two. It is the theme for the original Star Trek series. The composer Alexander Courage, was inspired by the song “Beyond the Blue Horizon“, yet you can hear similarities between the original Star Trek theme song and a few classical works. One of them happens to be something we looked at last week. Let’s listen:

-Compare the intro to the intro to Mahler’s 1st Symphony

-Compare the theme at 0:26 to this movement from The Planets suite, and this part from Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 1

We don’t know if Alexander Courage knowingly copied these themes, but one thing is certain: he definitely had a good taste in music.



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