Since a lot of you follow my tweets and posts, you may already know about my Music Nerd Problems tweets, which I usually post as part of #MusicMondays. But if you’re not familiar with these tweets, you are about to be. These tweets help raise awareness into to the problems and struggles that music nerds face on a daily basis.

This is the most recent tweet, which relates to the meme which will appear at the end of this post:

The struggle is real

In all fairness, it can be difficult to recognize the difference between and oratorio and an opera by simply listening. So unless you know it, or are very familiar with the structures of operas and oratorios, it would be difficult to tell which one it is. A post I did on Handel’s Messiah explained this a little. An oratorio tells a story using texts from the Bible (no one is acting), and an opera tells a story using whatever text the composer wants and is acted out in various sets. So it would be hard to tell the difference if you couldn’t watch it.

But after this tweet I couldn’t resist:

If you go to Twitter, you can find more of my tweets (and some other people’s tweets) by searching:
#musicnerdproblems, #musicnerdmoments, or #musicnerdconfessionsEnjoy.


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