In our continuation of looking at Mahler’s second symphony, we will explore the second and third movements. These middle movements are kind of an interlude as the character of this story pauses to reflect on his life (see the last post for an introduction). Movement 5 (the last movement) will return us to the present moment. Here’s a look at what might be going on in the 2nd and 3rd movements.

Movement 2

24:40- This movement is of a happier and lighter mood as the character recalls the memories of his youth. Hear his regret or sadness as he recalls these memories at 29:19.

Movement 3

35:33- This movement starts out ominously as the character is being driven to despair. He begins to question his beliefs and begins to have inner conflict. The lighter moments may be times when the character is remembering good times, but then he fails to see the meaning of it all. After 42:00 it especially becomes ominous as the character struggles trying to resolve these issues. But hope is waiting for him in the coming movements.

Pause at 47:11 before the soloist comes in, and come back next time to hear the epic resolution to this story.


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