If you’ve been following along with the last few posts, we’ve been looking at Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, which tells a story of a character searching for the meaning of life and what happens next. We now come to the 4th movement, where the character reaches some conclusions which will be expanded upon in the finale. Beethoven’s 9th symphony was the first symphony to feature singing. Following in the tradition of Beethoven, Mahler incorporates singing in this and the final movement.

The lyrics sung in this movement are from a poem featured in the collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn (The Boy’s Magic Horn). It is originally in German, but thanks to the Internet it is easy to find a translation, and you can follow each line below as you listen:

47:12- O little red rose

48:30- Man lies in greatest need! Man lies in greatest pain!

48:59- How I would rather be in heaven

50:11- There came I upon a broad path

50:33- When came a little angel and wanted to turn me away

50:53- Ah no! I would not let myself be turned away!

51:10- I am from God and shall return to God!

51:20- The loving God (51:27)- will grant me a little light

51:35-Which will light me into that eternal blissful (51:58)- life!

Stay tuned for the epic finale and more great battle music 🙂



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