me-copyMollie Goddard

Mollie is the chief writer for Scherzo a piacere. She is a pianist who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from The Master’s College (now The Master’s University) in Santa Clarita, CA.

Mollie started Scherzo a piacere as a music appreciation blog in 2014 to raise awareness about good classical music. With the help of Calvin, she updated the website to a more modern look and changed the focus of the blog to music satire.

Mollie lives in the greater Seattle area and enjoys drinking Starbucks coffee for blog post inspiration.


Calvin is the chief editor for Scherzo a piacere. He became an expert in the field of SEO at the age of 5 when he began walking on computer keyboards and researching search results. In 2014, he apprenticed a Computer Programming student at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood WA, earning an honorary .NET Developer Certificate.

Calvin joined Scherzo a piacere as editor in October of 2014 and supervised Mollie as she wrote blog posts. He helped move and update the blog in December 2016.

Calvin lives in the greater Seattle area and also enjoys playing with paper bags, running around the house at 2am, and exploring the great outdoors.